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My Bespoke Jewellery Website

20th Mar 2017

I have recently created a new website to showcase a selection of my bespoke pieces of jewellery. Please have a look and if something inspires you get in touch and we can create your perfect piece.

Handmade Jewellery (a plausible explanation)

1st Oct 2014

There are many instances of the expression handmade jewellery being used, but what can it mean and what is the scope of usage. This varies from not having the pre-made parts for an item of jewellery being made and having to resort to making parts very often badly, up to...

The Shop

17th Sep 2014

At last the shop. It has been a tough journey but I have finally got there. Jewellery is a very personal issue and I thought that to shop for such an item is almost a situation of being offered a selection not a choice. So with this in mind it has...

The Diamond Mystery

8th Sep 2014

This is intended to be a personal explanation based upon my observations of the complex world of the diamond. When I say the world of diamonds I am referring to what my customers might find or ask when attempting to buy an item of jewellery with diamonds in it. In...

You make me so happy

23rd Jul 2014

"You make me so happy" was said to me by a grateful customer and I must say what a lovely way of saying thank you. I had only repaired a pair of diamond earrings but some time ago I had restored her watch bracelet. This is not the point. I...

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