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You make me so happy

23rd Jul 2014

"You make me so happy" was said to me by a grateful customer and I must say what a lovely way of saying thank you. I had only repaired a pair of diamond earrings but some time ago I had restored her watch bracelet. This is not the point. I have made and repaired many items of jewellery and always spend a lot of time and effort to get it right. I need to understand the jewellery but also to understand the customer to create what you might call perfect jewellery. All this begs the question "What does perfect jewellery mean to the ladies" I say ladies as most jewellery is worn by them but the same comment applies to the gentlemen. There was an advertising campaign which said diamonds were a girl's best friend. Interesting but not quite right. Perfect jewellery is much more fundamental than a best friend.

I think it is fair to say perfect jewellery has a variety of meanings. Feeling exhilarated, wanted, rewarded, recognised but most importantly feeling special and in a sense complete.

Author: Graham Saunders