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The Shop

17th Sep 2014

At last the shop. It has been a tough journey but I have finally got there.

Jewellery is a very personal issue and I thought that to shop for such an item is almost a situation of being offered a selection not a choice. So with this in mind it has been a contradiction in my thinking. Should I show what I have for sale or should I continue to discuss jewellery ideas with my customers and fine tune their requirements. So the shop is a showcase of in effect what I can make, have made and can make. The exact balance of metal, overall size and shape, size of stones, mix of stones, stone qualities and the resulting price is very much the fine tuning. This is also in the realm of really what you want, even if you are unable to define. So it may be that what I am showing is exactly what you want but I accept that the making or purchasing of jewellery is personal and needs to be talked about. It is then that I can use my knowledge and abilities to suggest and make a more perfect item which the random process of shopping would probably not provide.

Over the years I have made many different types of jewellery and have a large range of patterns to draw from. These when applicable help the making process and improve the price.

OK so you have got the idea we talk about who you are, what you want and we put it together.

Having said all this I have a few really nice items to show you. Take the very fine Amethyst with its crimson colour and is I have been assured a fine Russian or Siberian stone. Very rare and very lovely to look at. I eventually decided to mount this as a necklace,  complete with 3 strands of fine pearls and lots of diamonds and a clasp which does it justice. The lady who wears this is very special and it will make her look even more beautiful.

Over the years I have collected many coloured stones. I have 2 green garnets both are drop shapes which would make good pendants or rings. 3 large oval aquamarines each would make a striking pendant with diamonds around. I have sapphires  rubies emeralds all would make really nice items of jewellery. I have just mounted up a 3.65 carat oval ruby as a pendant with tsavorites and diamonds, this will soon be shown. I have also mounted up a deep purple amethyst as a ring which will also be shown on the site. Nearly forgot one or two nice opals which are being set at the moment.

I have also got a few 9ct items of jewellery which I will also be putting on the site time permitting.

So I have got a lot to show you and look forward to discussing jewellery with you.

Author: Graham Saunders